UrbanGrowth Feedback Deadline is 12th February

UrbanGrowth remains a real and significant threat to Petersham Park and its community. 

Their strategy reveals that UrbanGrowth want to build high-rise (up to 25 storey apartment blocks) in the streets around Petersham Park and beyond. These plans will profoundly effect the character and environment of Petersham Park. We live in an area of Sydney where residential land size is limited. For many, Petersham Park is their backyard. Their plans to develop the area will have adverse impact on the Park and its surrounds. 

Further, a great deal of Sydney's history resides in the buildings in this area. We will lose important heritage, let alone families who have lived here for generations. YOU MUST ACT BEFORE 12 FEBRUARY 2015. Please click on this link to give your feedback on this damaging proposal (our precinct is Taverners Hill):