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With your own introduction and conclusion, feel free to include any of the points listed below.

I oppose high-rise residential development within the vicinity of Petersham Park because:

  • it will change the unique image and identity of this area and significantly impact our community
  • we need to preserve the heritage of the Park (heritage listed) and the houses near the Park which fall within a heritage-conservation area
  • the shade from the proposed high rise development will significantly impact the environment of the Park and oval
  • street parking is already at capacity
  • the roads in this area are already gridlocked during peak hour periods
  • the Inner West is under resourced for day care centres, primary schools and high schools
  • local public transport is at capacity
  • Petersham Park and surrounds is home to protected wildlife including the Long-Nose Bandicoot which has been identified as a threatened species
  • there is no necessity to re-zone current residential zoning to build high-rise in the light of ample capacity for development on Parramatta Road
  • Petersham Park and its surrounding properties offer Sydney siders and visitors a visual experience of the history of Sydney
  • the proposed development targets people’s existing homes and impacts family life

We must state to the minister, what we want. E.g. we want no higher than X storeys within Y metres of the park (or what you deem appropriate)

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The Hon. Pru Goward, MP
GPO Box 5341

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