WestConnex Route Change Announced

NSW Minister for Transport announced on Monday 1 December 2014 that Stage 3 of WestConnex is now planned to move away from Parramatta Rd between Haberfield and Camperdown and instead to follow the City WestLink and branch to the city's south, closer to the city.

This announcement by Duncan Gay came exactly one week after UrbanGrowth revealed plans for WestConnex's Stage 3 that placed an exit/entry interchange on the site of Petersham Park. 

This change to WestConnex Stage 3 to move it away from Parramatta Rd, came with no explanation whatsoever from Mr Gay on Monday. We cannot imagine what changed for Mr Gay and his WestConnex project in one week. No information has been shared.

What we do know, is that this has happened twice before, in 2003 and 2010. Who knows whether Stage 3 of WestConnex will change once again to be placed under Parramatta Rd from Haberfield to Camperdown once the election is over in March next year? Who knows whether once AGAIN we will need to defend Petersham Park From desecration?

What we DO know, is that Save Petersham Park will continue to take action to show WestConnex and the NSW government that they have no right touching this historical and environmental haven, not now, not ever. And WestConnex does NOT solve the transport problems of this city. We want money to be invested in a comprehensive and up-to-date public transport system, which is in line with other major cities worldwide