UrbanGrowth Feedback Deadline is 12th February

UrbanGrowth remains a real and significant threat to Petersham Park and its community. 

Their strategy reveals that UrbanGrowth want to build high-rise (up to 25 storey apartment blocks) in the streets around Petersham Park and beyond. These plans will profoundly effect the character and environment of Petersham Park. We live in an area of Sydney where residential land size is limited. For many, Petersham Park is their backyard. Their plans to develop the area will have adverse impact on the Park and its surrounds. 

Further, a great deal of Sydney's history resides in the buildings in this area. We will lose important heritage, let alone families who have lived here for generations. YOU MUST ACT BEFORE 12 FEBRUARY 2015. Please click on this link to give your feedback on this damaging proposal (our precinct is Taverners Hill):


UrbanGrowth Targeted Area Map

The pink highlighted areas on the Urban Growth map below, indicate targeted areas for development. You will noticed that they're vague but they surround the park and they even include Taverners Hill Infants School. Urban Growth has confirmed that they are very interested in this area for development. They have also indicated that more streets in this area may be suitable for development. 


Tell an MP What You Think

NSW Premier Mike Baird
GPO Box 5341
Sydney 2001
ph 9228 5239

Member for Balmain, Jamie Parker MP
ph 96607586 

NSW Minister for Roads and Freight, Duncan Gay
ph 9230 2329

NSW Minister for Planning, Pru Goward
02 8574 5900

Federal MP Anthony Albanese
ph 9379 0700

Penny Sharpe is the ALP candidate running for new NSW state seat of Newtown, which will contain Petersham Park. Ms Sharpe is also the current Shadow Minister for Transport
ph 9230 2589

Comment on WestConnex Changes

So, NSW government appear to be interested in rerouting Stage 3 of WestConnex away from Inner West and instead to connect to City Westlink. However, there are caveats:

  • To fund this new change Baird needs $20 billion which he plans to acquire through the partial sale of NSW electricity assets BUT the Shooters and Fishers Party has confirmed they will never support this sale (they claim it will cost too many jobs) and they hold voting balance in parliament.
  • If Baird can't fund it through this sale of electricity assets, the plans that are currently in place with Stage 3 of WestConnex going through the Inner West (exits at Petersham and St Peters) will remain

Submit your Objection

With your own introduction and conclusion, feel free to include any of the points listed below.

I oppose high-rise residential development within the vicinity of Petersham Park because:

  • it will change the unique image and identity of this area and significantly impact our community
  • we need to preserve the heritage of the Park (heritage listed) and the houses near the Park which fall within a heritage-conservation area
  • the shade from the proposed high rise development will significantly impact the environment of the Park and oval
  • street parking is already at capacity
  • the roads in this area are already gridlocked during peak hour periods
  • the Inner West is under resourced for day care centres, primary schools and high schools
  • local public transport is at capacity
  • Petersham Park and surrounds is home to protected wildlife including the Long-Nose Bandicoot which has been identified as a threatened species
  • there is no necessity to re-zone current residential zoning to build high-rise in the light of ample capacity for development on Parramatta Road
  • Petersham Park and its surrounding properties offer Sydney siders and visitors a visual experience of the history of Sydney
  • the proposed development targets people’s existing homes and impacts family life

We must state to the minister, what we want. E.g. we want no higher than X storeys within Y metres of the park (or what you deem appropriate)

Send to:

The Hon. Pru Goward, MP
GPO Box 5341

Or email


UrbanGrowth – info@newparramattard.com.au